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julia webpageWhat if healing and change aren’t just about analyzing your problems or changing your behavior? What if, just like sleep, healing and change require you to go deeper than your everyday state of mind. Almost every culture in the world has a tradition for helping the patient go deep into a healing state, and a good hypnotherapist is trained to take you there.

What if you’ve tried everything and haven’t seen much progress? Often clients try to “get rid” of their problem. But no matter how hard they try the problem just gets worse. The usual methods of denial, self-blame, repression, distraction, isolation and self-medication don’t work.

Now consider a different approach: what if your present-day issues are not really the problem? What if there’s a deeper problem? Therapists are aware that present-day trauma- and addiction-based problems often come from earlier experiences in which needs went unfulfilled and unacknowledged for years …human beings need safety; love; acceptance; freedom; peace. We try and replace these core needs the best way we know how: with ineffective coping mechanisms like work; alcohol or drugs; sex; relationships; videogames; television; isolation etc. But because these activities don’t really fulfill the basic need, a vicious cycle of need and ineffective coping is created; it’s called addiction… and its motto isnever enough.

What if you don’t know how to heal and change? Did you know that healing and lasting change require certain steps? First – identifying the core need under the issue is the foundation of true healing. Next, healing the damage created by years spent in a vicious cycle of unmet need and self-denying or destructive behaviors is required to clean the slate and create the future you want.  Finally, fulfill the core need and learn how to continue to fill that need in a constructive way so that your present-day issues can fade away.

It takes courage to try and change, but real healing and change are possible!The first step is to find out more.

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imagesAbout Julia Irish

Julia Irish is a clinical hypnotherapist specializing in trauma and addiction. Her years spent overseas working with the military in combat zones introduced her to combat-related trauma, both among military personnel and among local nationals in areas devastated by war. She has worked at a treatment program for trauma and addiction (The Life Healing Center) since 2011. Julia has made it her mission to gain an understanding of trauma and addiction and to develop cutting edge tools to assist people with trauma- and addiction-related disorders. Julia studied hypnotherapy and neurolinguistic programming at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America. She has also studied traditional methods of healing trauma in Peru, Europe and Africa. Julia completed her LADAC (alcohol and drug abuse counseling) qualifications in 2013 and is currently completing a Masters Degree in Professional Counseling at New Mexico Highlands University. Julia has maintained her own hypnotherapy practice, J. Irish Hypnotherapy, in Santa Fe, New Mexico since 2010.

If an issue below is something you would like to start working on, contact me to set up a free consultation at (505) 204-5210 or email jirish@jirishhypnotherapy.com.

Healing From Trauma
Grief and Loss
Healing the Past
From Regret to Acceptance
Build Self-Esteem
Overcome Shyness
Stop Negative Thoughts
Develop Assertiveness
Develop Positive Thinking
Develop Optimism
Stress Management
Progressive Relaxation Techniques
Healing and Resting States
Regularize Sleep Patterns
Stop Night Terrors
Medical Support
Accelerated Healing
Relief From Chronic Pain
Preparation For Surgery
Smoking Cessation
Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight
Personal Development
Improve Concentration
Increase Confidence
Increase Self Discipline
Overcome Procrastination
Achieve Your Potential
Get Organized
Become More Positive
Become Allies Rather Than Enemies
Rediscover Love
Weight Loss
Emotional Eating
Unhealthy Eating Habits
Your Ideal Weight
Relaxation Techniques
Guided Meditation
Quiet Mind
Wisdom Meditation
Fears and Phobias
Fear of Public Speaking
Test-Taking Anxiety
Fear of Flying
Social Phobia
Panic Attacks
Become Your Own Best Friend
Stop Negative Thinking
Stop Judging Yourself
Stop Your Inner Slavedriver
Develop Self-Compassion


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Note: Although highly effective for many conditions hypnotherapy is not intended as a substitute for routine or urgent medical or psychiatric evaluation, treatment or consultation. Individuals with urgent medical or psychiatric problems are requested to seek advice from their own physician, or from appropriate health care professionals before proceeding with hypnotherapy.

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